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New World Character Creation Has Been Disabled

The New World Dev team has disabled character creation in all regions, and they haven't stated why this is all happening, but promise more information to come in the future. This phenomenon has spread to regions around the world, and it also shows that some more important problems have arisen.

The community has been speculating about why this is happening, and some players think that may be trying to combat exploitation, especially when it comes to botting, so this speculation might make sense. also knows the process of the situation.

Dev team has shifted the reward system for new accounts to be equivalent in the future but will reward greater Gold and items later in the main questline. The team disabled server transfers for new characters and stopped free transfer tokens that were meant to help players who were initially affected by server demand strain and later deep severe server imbalances. They also limit the number of characters an account can create per day.

Many New World players have concerns about the bots in the game, and that has been the case for a while. Although the team has also fixed some bugs that could lead to players being cheated of New World Coins, butt issues and RMT spam and more issues still exist.

Recently, the team temporarily disabled server transfers, but a few days later, they were enabled again. They then disabled player-to-player trading, a potential gold spoofing vulnerability.

There's no definitive word yet on why caused character creation to be disabled, and we don't know how long this will last, we'll just have to wait for dev team to announce more. will also keep an eye on the latest news.

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