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New World Expedition Mutators Increase Challenge and Reward

The New World update has arrived and it introduces a new endgame feature - Expedition Mutators, which increases the challenge of expeditions and also provides greater rewards for you. At this point, most level 60 players have completed each expedition multiple times, but with the mutators, everything can feel new again. Some players seem to have known about the latest update, and will pick some important details to show.

Expedition Mutators modify the normal and named enemies found in New World expeditions, adding both complexity and unpredictability to enemy encounters. You can find new bespoke gear and resources that will provide more opportunities to boost your power level. Combinations of Expeditions and Mutations will rotate each week, and the mutations will change with 10 different levels of difficulty, and you can battle your way up a ladder of difficulty.

The update also includes balance changes, increased drop rates, new gear, resources, additional Spirit Shrines, and quality of life changes like the reduced cost for fast travel and more. So at this time, you also have more chances to get New World Coins in the game.

Umbral Shards also be added to the game, a powerful resource that allows you to take an item with a gear score ranging from a high 590 to 625. Shards can be obtained by completing Mutation Expeditions, crafting an item with a 600 Gear Score when your expertise with the item is also at 600, or opening a Gypsum Cast when your Expertise for the item is at 600. will continue to pay attention to more New World content and provide corresponding game guides to make your game process go more smoothly.

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