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New World Update Makes the Endgame Different

New World's latest update has been released, the game's latest patch 1.3.2, and it's not as extensive as the games we've seen before. It made some notable changes to the endgame portion of New World, which also pleases fans. will describe the specific changes it brings.

For the most part, this new update addresses a lingering issue in New World that involves Mutators difficulties. The developer team has fixed the message that Mutator difficulty levels from 1 to 5 now require a Silver rank. Conversely, levels 6 to 10 will require you to be a Gold rank.

To accompany this endgame fix, New World's new patch also addresses some bugs in the game. Although none of them are major issues, fixing them does make the game better.

Endgame Updates

* Fixed an issue where the unlock messaging was inconsistent on higher Mutator difficulties. Difficulties 1-5 still states Silver rank is required and difficulty 6-10 now states Gold rank is required.

* Fixed an issue where equipment couldn’t be upgraded while storage was opened if there were umbral shards in storage.

And next month New World will also bring new content, the development team will focus on bugs, bots, and balance, which will further optimize the game. In order to welcome the arrival of new content, New World players can prepare for them in advance. Buy New World Coins here can help you get through the game more smoothly and get a better gaming experience.

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