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What Are The Orichalcum Respawn Times?

Some New World players are heading towards the end game, and players who reach level 60 want great gear, which you can do with New World Coins. At the same time, some players like the game's trading skills and spend time mining and using their materials on Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, and more.

As you start approaching 175 in trade skills, you need Orichalcum, a rare item that requires luck to collect. These items include Cinnabar, Void ore, and Tolvium. These items alongside Orichalcum are necessary especially when crafting armor sets such as the Voidebent armor. Based on its importance, will guide you on how to farm Orichalcum.

Where to farm Orichalcum?

You'll need to form a group to farm Orichalcum. The most prominent area to farm ore is in and around Myrkgard, as it's a great place to farm mobs, which will give you a higher gear score, and rightfully so, the competition is fierce. If you want to avoid the actual settlement of Myrkgard, you can go to the settlement in the southern part of the area.

* Soundeast of surrounding Myrkgard: This settlement leads to an enclosed area surrounded by mountains, where the highest densities of Orichalcum are in the game.

*Around the entrance to the Dynasty Shipyard: Dynasty Shipyard is an expedition where you can find ore on the cliffs in this area and on the beaches of those island coasts.

* South of Skysong Skysong Shrine in Ebonscale Reach: You can find that village at the border of Weaver's Fen and Edensgrove, you can find some ore scattered in Upper and Lower Slag mines. Of course, you have to be careful of mini-bosses around the mines.

What are the Orichalcum respawn times?

Orichalcum's respawn time tend to take a lot longer than normal ore:

* Small veins of Orichalcum can respawn anywhere between 15-25 minutes

* The medium Orichalcum respawn times range between 20-30 minutes.

* The large Orichalcum 25-35 minutes.

It is worth going to the smaller areas to farm Oricalcum as they are not competitive. will continue to pay attention to the needs of players and share corresponding game guides.

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